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How to Get a Free Digital Magazine With 30 Seconds of Kind Help? (2 Days Left)


With your 30 seconds of kind help, you can get free digital magazine published by MY Psychology!

Here are the three simple steps:

         1. Click the link : //

          2. Create account: LOGIN with Facebook

          3. Click the “👍”(LIKE icon above the video) to vote. Then you are done!


Thank you for your kind vote. When you have done your voting, PM us here at to claim your free digital magazine.


Hope you like our thank you gift and enjoy learning with MY Psychology!




Side note: MY Psychology has been listed as one of the TOP 33 finalists out of 199 submissions in American Psychological Association PsycShorts: Psychological science video festival and competition. Public voting is open now through Monday, May 13, 2019 for “Audience Prize” winner. You can vote once per day! 



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Autism is NOT a disease, Don’t try to cure us, Try to understand Us – Ft. Dr Alvin Ng

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