Recovery Journey #3: Cul de Sac

Hey, I am a university student.

SUICIDE! The word suicide does get everyone’s attention and yet all the stigma.. are making people that need a lot of care not to seek help.

As a suicide attempter myself, I feel lonely at all times. I feel that everyone don’t understand me.

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I often want a full stop in every single things I do. I need answers but life isn’t that way. It’s full of mystery. Yes, I hate it and I am very upset of the world.

All the pain… I wanted it to stop it so badly. But thinking of my loved ones, it’s so chaotic inside… that stop me from suicide again.

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Well, not only that.

I’ve been searching ways to die comfortably. From jumping off the building to hanging on the rope.

Yes I found one. But I didn’t do it.

Why? Because I know I am way more stronger than that. I can do it.

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And you can do it do! You can survive, just like me.

When I have the urge to die, I will try to calm down.

I seek help from therapist.

I keep myself busy at all times.

Although people are still pointing fingers at me but hey trust me, seek help will make you feel even better.

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Trust me.

It’s been a long journey and I am in a process from healing.

Traveller: Kay

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