Organ Donation Drive: Do you believe that there are ANGELS in this world? (Special Article)

Organ Donation Drive: Do you believe that there are ANGELS in this world? (Special Article)

Let us set aside our quarrels and our fixations in the world, and contemplate these three questions, which I proposed as below:1. “If you are given a chance, or let’s say given a wish from an Angel, what would you wish for this society and for this world?”

2. “Name me three most important factors that could possibly contribute to your wish.”

3. “Do you think it is possible that even without all the three factors you had mentioned just now, with just a kind heart, you could change this world?”

Hi everyone, my name is Hor Mu Yi. These are the three core questions I had created and asked in the interview which I had conducted specifically for our new video. If you haven’t watch it, what are you waiting for, haha! πŸ˜› The link is provided below:

To speak in honest terms and disclose myself as truthfully as possible, if someone came up upon me and asked me those three exact questions, I would definitely answer “No way!” to the third question. And so, I hypothesized that people would react in exactly the same way as I would. Because to say the truth, could anyone (including me) before watching this video imagine how we could change the world for the better with only our kind heart, without any external factors, such as money etc. ?

Well, there is an answer, actually, and we could perform this regardless if we are short of money etc. And although the answer is much disputed by many, and deemed as unorthodox by a large portion of the society, it is nevertheless a legit and very helpful contribution that we could make towards those desperately in need. The answer is (drum rolls please), Organ Donation!Β In fact, as statistics estimate, an organ donor would be able to save up to eight lives and improve as much as fifty lives through an act as simple as donating your organs ( 2 lungs, 2 kidneys, 1 heart, 1 liver, 1 pancreas, 1 intestines) and your tissues. What is most crucial is that almost everyone can become an organ donor despite your age, your ethnicity, or your gender.

One could easily search all the available facts about organ donation with a simple click on the internet, and the results will return within 30 seconds. And in fact, many knew about organ donation before I even revealed the answer by the end of this video. However, it is an answer that most prefer not to think about (for reasons stated below), and in the big reveal by the end of the video, most didn’t even think about the possibility of such an answer. Of course, this is not to say that the only way to help others is through organ donation, as there are many ways one can contribute to society, and if any of you readers could think of such an alternative, feel free to leave your comments below. πŸ™‚

But surprisingly, for the third question I received a lot of positive responses for my third question, such as: “yes”, “it is possible”, and “I believe it”. This is definitely a moving experience, and I learnt a lot from these interviewees. For example, one interviewee taught me that it only requires a kind heart to work for a non-governmental organization or to volunteer for charity work. Some of them even enlightened me with the thought that doing one single good deed could spread goodness and it will ripple and spread out towards others like a chain reaction. I’m actually delighted to be proven wrong of my negative presumptions! Many people do believe that with small acts, one could bring big impacts to this world. Positive thinking man! πŸ˜€

If small acts bring big impacts, then wouldn’t a big act (such as organ donation) bring about bigger impacts? It all essentially boil down to this simple, but elegant motto: “Give Big! Get Big!”

But as it appears, the awareness towards the act of organ donation is in fact one of the lowest in our country, Malaysia. There are many myths and misleading thoughts that were spread around throughout our society, and some of which are really worth the time to discuss in full, as these myths actually had a big influence on our perception towards the act of organ donation.

Myth no.1: If I were to sign up as an organ donor, the doctor will not try their best to save me, as they will hope to acquire my organs so that they can give it to others.

Answer no.1: In actuality, the doctors would still try their best to save you. That’s their job, and that’s their code of ethics. In fact, they would do even more tests to ensure the organ donors’ living status before they declare their death and move on to donate the dead’s organs to those in crucial need.

Myth no.2 : My religion does not allowed me to become an organ donor.

Answer no.2: Well, actually most of the major religions actually support the idea of organ donation. This is because major religions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam, promote the idea of compassion, responsibility, and kindness. These are virtues that they absolutely adhere to. And so, we suggest those who are unsure about whether or not they wanted to donate their organs to inquire more fully about their respective religions. πŸ™‚

Myth no.3: My parents would definitely disagree with me becoming an organ donor.

Answer no.3: This is actually a very legit concern, as there are many parents who are afraid of such an act, maybe because they seldom approach such a topic, and there are many who regard organ donation as a morbid act. So, make sure you collect enough information, and peacefully discuss this issue with your parents, while slowly persuading them that this is an act of kindness, and that such an act can potentially help many others in desperate need. (Perhaps you can show them our video? :D)

So, don’t be afraid, be an organ donor, and raise awareness to others so that they know more about such a campaign. Because there’s an angel inside all of us, and YOU or I, could be the angel to this world! πŸ™‚

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