[Important] Why Psychologists Keep Lying That They Can’t Read Your Mind ?

If you can recall those moments when you ask your friends who studied or are currently studying psychology about the popular myth (if they can read our minds), they will definitely tell you that they can’t read your mind.

Do you really believe that? Have you ever thought that, ‘what if they are lying to me’?

Psychology students pay more than RM 50,000 (eg: for private university in Malaysia) to pick up a course for the sake of understanding about human personality, relationships, behavior, mental illness and etc. Don’t you think that that course outline is too simplistic, and furthermore, are you so naive to believe that people are willing to pay for the course just because they are curious about other human beings? 0.o

Do you think people would pay for that amount if they couldn’t even learn how to read others’ mind?

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AND if the public learns that psychologists/psychology graduates are able to read others’ mind, how would the public react? Will you still be friends with them if you know THESE PEOPLE can actually know what you want to do next, discover your favorite color, who you had a crush with, your lies, etc…

Imagine you yourself having these skills, would you want to share this secret with others?

I think not.

Anyway, if you really encounter people who tell you that they can read your mind, they are definitely not studying psychology. They are con-artists.

Don’t walk away. Run!!!!!!

Happy April Fools’ Day. Please don’t report our page and website!!!!

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  1. Psychologists CAN NOT read people’s minds. I have not met a single one that can. The problem is that many of them think that they can. But some psychiatrists really can read people’s minds…

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