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Together we build a community where Psychology is accessible to everyone


I look OLD, but I am only 24 years OLD


Book, Music, Movies…They are just my popcorn… Liver is just a thing.



I am drunk as always as I dunk. (One tower of whisky please!)


I look for a bigger world through small eyes


My voice comes from heaven, my height stems from ground


Digital Design is my skill,  procrastination is my inborn talent

Team 2014 – 2015

We are ordinary Psychology students who love Psychology and hope to give positive impact to the people around us by making Psychology learning more accessible and interactive through our educational platform .


Gary Yap is currently doing his degree of Psychology in HELP University. He loves arts and passionate in making videos. To realize his responsibility as a Psychology student, he started MY Psychology with his friends in 2014. Due to the public misconceptions towards Psychology,he hopes to make Psychology more approachable and understandable to public via developing MY Psychology as an integrated platform where people can learn in multiple ways and also exchange opinions about Psychology issues in an open-minded manner.






Hew Chong Shen (just call him Hew) is a Psychology student, studying in the prestigious, luxurious, and absolutely comfortable university that is HELP University. A voracious reader, a cinephile, a musicophile, and has random as well as wide ranging interests. Aspiring to be a writer as well as a traveler (he hates jobs). Currently am an insomniac, and spends his nights tinkering on useless thoughts. Hates pseudoscience.





IMG_4574Koo Yong Boon (Franky) is going to graduate from Bachelor of Psychology Degree in HELP University. He is the videographer and video-editor in this team. Due to his extrovert personality, he is very outgoing, social, active in sport, and loves to travel. If there is any chance that you meet him, please do say Hi to him and you will get a great warm smile from him and be a friend of you. His main goal in this team is to apply what he have learned in psychology into society. He always says that: “I rather save a soul than saving the world. By sharing what I have learned, I get to help anyone who need help, even if it is just a person, it can still make this world a better place.”





Siow Ghee Hong is a Psychology Student at HELP University. His research interests are human interaction and human relationship as he is curious about the development of couple relationship and marriage . Thus, his thesis is to investigate the relationship between the satisfaction of division of household chores and marital quality. He wishes to have a simple and happy life, and hopes the people around him can live life to the fullest too.





IMG_4563Hor Mu Yi is a third year psychology student who study in HELP University. His favorite subjects are philosophy, social psychology, cognitive psychology and NLP. His thesis interest are education and relationship. He is currently the secretary (sexy one) for MyPsychology. He likes to understand human more so he could hypnotize them to like MyPsychology. Not to mention when he smile, you will not be able to see his eyes.






Tin Fung is a psychology student who is currently studying his third year in HELP University. A tiny ordinary boy who has many interests such as playing music, basketball, and video games. To him, the main purpose of getting a psychology degree is to improve his values and perspective as a better person.He has an “ambitious” dream which is to change the world into better place. Hence, he wishes to start off small by sharing these psychology knowledge to the public with a bunch of passionate course mates.






Kok Sern is a Psychology student who is studying in a fabulous University, which is HELP University . There are too many things in his mind, reading, watching……But now, still learning some new skills, such as video/photo editing, video/photo shooting. As a curious baby in this team, he is always prepared to learn new things. He always believes that Psychology is very useful and this field will have a brighter future with everyone’s commitment.





IMG_4554-2Ken Len is a currently a Psychology Degree student who is studying in HELP University and also the comic artist in MY Psychology! He shows great interest in Counselling Skills and Forensic Psychology. Besides, he likes sketching, musics and sports. However, he might be too shy to initiate a conversation sometimes but he is definitely a friendly person! (Chan, 2015)


  1. Dear Sir/Madam/Ms,

    I’m Jecinta Deva Darshini, a student from SEGi College Subang Jaya. I am currently majoring in Psychology and Communication a double majored degree under the American Degree Program, Upper Iowa University (UIU). I’m a 4th year student looking for internship placement for my Psychology major on November 2016.

    Please do let me know if there is any internship placement offered at your respective place.

    Also, do let me know if there are any details needed to be provided.

    Thank you,

    Jecinta Deva Darshini

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