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MY Psychology is the first Psychology educational website in Malaysia, started with the intention to spread knowledge about Psychology to the public in a friendly and entertaining manner. With the motto of “Learn . Share . Apply”, MY Psychology produces Psychology educational videos, Movie & Book Reviews and also Psychology comics for audiences to learn Psychology in various ways. With Psychology, we hope to bring more positive impact to the society.

Why we started MY Psychology?

cropped-Untitled-11.jpgIn general, Psychology is not a very ‘cool’ course if compared to other courses such as Engineering, Accounting, Pharmacology and more (We aren’t purposely discriminating our choices of courses, instead these are the public reactions and stereotypes that we have experienced for very long ). Thus, to tackle with the confusion and negative stereotypes towards Psychology, we decide to pick up the responsibility to educate the public with the knowledge that we have learnt in class and also do our part to give back the community in increasing the public awareness about mental health.

Why we name our channel as ‘MY Psychology’?

Large Blog Image‘MY’ refers to Malaysia and also to ‘MY’self. Psychology is still a growing field in Malaysia and we hope MY Psychology can become one of the leading platforms in sharing Psychological knowledge and application tips. Besides, we believe that Psychological knowledge can be spread broadly to the public in a more understandable form instead of being restricted and confined to a very technical and unapproachable form to the people within the area. Somehow, ‘MY’ Psychology brings us a sense of self-connection and entitlement with Psychology.

What we do?

1978731_278603052315730_4512649461847147013_n (1)We produce Psychology educational videos which are related to our daily issues (eg: waiting, gambling, parenting styles). We also draw Psychology comics for entertainment purpose every Wednesday and introduce Books or Movies that are (somewhat) related to Psychology through our review articles every Friday. To sustain our channel, we also work and cooperate with other organizations to create videos.

This is a brief introduction about MY Psychology and we hope that you enjoy everything that we make for you guys and do share it around with your friends or 10811276_10203668093637548_1487043362_n copyrelatives. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to those who have supported us for this short period and also thank you to anyone of you who believe in the purpose and motives of starting MY Psychology.

The ship has just moved and we sincerely invite you to join our journey, to explore the beauty of Psychology.


Email us if you wish to know more and join MY Psychology at [email protected]