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Do you know the feeling when you’ve found your new favorite song and would have the eargasm that’s so great that wont stop singing in your mind? that feeling is when you know, for sure that depression has left you for the moment that your mind is clear, that you feel that you are finally able to work on things you need to do with motivation to get done the plans you have in your mind. you just, feel alive. like a regular human being doing normal human stuff.

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Well sure, eventually if you kept on playing this favorite song non stop for some period until you just feel nauseated, once was a beautiful rhythm of enjoyment but now you just want to skip next at the moment this music is play on your playlist. as for depression however…….there’s no skip button. i had to live with this music that is on repeat until god knows when will i have a chance for me to discover a brand new music for me to feel good again. that’s how it felt like having depression.

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Depression isn’t always plain ol’ sadness, but makes a person easily annoyed, feeling angry all the time because so many responsibilities i need to get done but i’m just sitting on my ass typing this while feeling terrible about myself.

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