Psychology Careers: Unlock Children’s Potential (feat. Annelise Ky)

Many are curious about the career of Psychology graduates. What they can do? Generally, Psychology graduates are stereotyped to enter Counseling / Clinical Psychology field (which requires them to do a Master), Human Resource Management, Marketing Department and etc.

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To you who have been wondering what else job / career that you can enter other than the aforementioned jobs, we have brought to you our interview with Annelise (also helped MY Psychology a lot in making previous videos) about her career path after finished her degree in Psychology. Annelise works as a coach at WynKids, coaching children and teenagers aged from 7-17 in a personal development and motivation program which mainly focuses on three keys areas: attitude & mindset, learning techniques, and interpersonal skill. (This methodology is adopted frm the U.S. And Australia. It’s a game based learning approach unlike the conventional education system in Msia. It focuses on holistic education to unleash children’s full potential.


Annelise was conducing activities for her students Photo Credit: Annelise

She will coach the students in a class with the max coach and students ratio 1:14. Apart from writing observational report after every lesson, she also provides personal coaching when necessary and works closely with parents to help improve the students in different key aspects of their personal development.

M: Hello, Annelise. Thank you for accepting our invitation to share your experience in your career. Could you share with us what is the most rewarding experience to you of being a personal couch?

A: Getting positive feedback from parents, knowing that their children have shown improvement is the most rewarding part of my job, as the nature of my job is to coach students to have the right attitude and mindset as well as good interpersonal skills.  With the right attitude and mindset, they’d be more driven in life and have a sense of ownership in whatever they do. Some parents said that their children became more expressive and outspoken, and they have recommended this program to their friends. It is the sense of achievement when you know that you have helped children to unleash their potential and also parents to improve their parenting style.


Photo Credit: Annelise

M: Being a Psychology graduate, how do you see Psychology benefits you in carrying the responsibility of coaching students in various aspects of personal development and motivation?

A: Oh, it definitely helps a lot in coaching. My Psychology background gives me an upper hand in understanding my students and their behaviors. After some observation, I would do analysis to find the most effective way to tackle each specific issue differently with what I have learnt. Other than that, I would say Psychology knowledge benefits me in parent management because (like it or not) sometimes, it is not the kid but the parents who need coaching (or both). With the knowledge I have, I can easily give suggestions for parents to improve their parenting style, which they often find it convincing and useful.

Annelise was explaining the use of material to her students during the class activities Photo Credit: Annelise

Annelise was explaining the use of material to her students during the class activities
Photo Credit: Annelise

M: We all know that dealing with children and teenagers is never an easy job. Could you tell us about a challenge that you faced at work and how you dealt with it? 🙂

A: Exactly! It is never an easy job, especially the rebellious ones. As we all know, it takes two to tango. It is slower to see improvement in students who take longer time to open up due to their upbringing, family background and past experience. How I dealt with it was to build trust with them first (must be patient), have more private talks with them, and also to give unconditional positive regards. After you have won their heart, everything will fall into place eventually.


Image Credit: Annelise

M: You mentioned before that WYNKIDS coaching program is providing a more holistic education for students compared to Malaysia conventional education system. In your personal opinion, how is it different from the local education system in term of students’ benefits?

A: It is more holistic as it doesn’t focus solely on academic but other important areas such as, learning attitude & mindset, study techniques & learning strategies, as well as interpersonal & social skills. Students need to excel in all these areas to become a well-rounded person/ a high achiever in life. Many of the students under the local system might score very well in academic but lack of the right attitude and mindset or the interpersonal skills, which is very much needed in the working environment as well as their future.

Group photo of Annelise and classmates including MY Psychology members after a class presentation

Group photo of Annelise and classmates including MY Psychology members after a class presentation

M: Being a ‘senior’ who has stepped into the working world, any piece of advice for Psychology friends who are going to graduate soon?

A: I would say CGPA is really not everything. If you strive too hard, sacrifice golden opportunities that will give you more exposure, useful experiences, and life lessons just to get that 4.0, you need to stop and remind yourself: “ It is just a slightly more important piece of paper in this stage of my life. It does not define my worth, my attitude and experience does.” To be honest, you are not the only one who can get 4.0, you need to acquire something more than that, something unique that make you stands out and irreplaceable!

M: Thank you very much for accepting our interview. We hope you all the best in your career

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