MY Psychology proudly presents a short film made by a group of students for a university project for “Youth Work & Services”, in order to provide a self-help video with the intention of providing inspiration for the youth generation.

What is forgiveness when in the face of an unpredictable calamity? How do we even forgive ourselves and redeem ourselves when we long for peace, even when we perceive ourselves to be the cause of a catastrophe?

Life is not a fantasy where every event, everything is preprogrammed into a fixed path, and more often than not, we experience a profound sense of resentment, of regret, of grief, and of guilt whenever something bad happened to us. So it is up to us to make the best of it. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness may not be something that is easy to achieve, but it is a state and action that we would love to strive for, and we can dream can’t we?

Thank you for viewing our film, and we hope that there is something to be learned from this short film that will be of use for you, as it is for us. 😉

Music Credit:
“Lost a Piece” by ‘world’s end girlfriend’
“With the Wind” by ‘Ýiruma’
“Some Other Place” by ‘Arcade Fire’ (Her OST)
“Between the Sky” by ‘Yiruma’
“Song on the Beach” by ‘Arcade Fire’ (Her OST)
“We are All Leaving” by ‘Arcade Fire’ (Her OST)
Youtube Audio Library: Happy Music- Day Dreaming

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