It’s all about sex! (Re: our April’s Fool video)

It’s all about sex! (Re: our April’s Fool video)

Regarding our April fools video, we are extremely surprised by the fact that our video attracted 10,000+ views (which is a first for us). Woohoo!

To those who are offended by our video, we’re terribly sorry (actually we’re not), as we wholly empathize with those who have high expectations to see Scarlett Johansson in her full glory, while failing to do so (our video is male oriented, sorry females… but we will do one for you next year! :D).

But why are people so attracted to view videos that have a sexually attractive thumbnail or sexually charged pictures, and react especially strongly to videos with suggestive (or provocative) titles?

First of all, let us consider this question, “what is sexual attraction?” Commonly defined as the attraction on the basis of sexual desire or the quality of arousing such interest, sexual attraction can range from physical qualities [looks, hair length, voice, smell (wait, what?), movements, clothing, accessories] to personality traits.

Basically, it is the ability of others to attract you sexually or erotically (trust us, it is quite universal).

In this case, we will draw on the example of Scarlett Johansson (since she is the “big thing” nowadays and also since her picture was our video’s thumbnail after all). To state the obvious, yes, she is sexy. But why is it so? How do we define sexy? And how does it work? Observe the picture carefully. First of all, she maintains an air of mystery that keeps all men pondering over her and leaves them puzzled. This may sound masochistic, but people like puzzles! We like to solve a question slowly, and stating everything there is to know about it deters and neutralizes this attraction, rendering it ineffective.

Secondly, you can see in the picture that Johansson exudes an air of confidence about herself, be it her confidence of her looks, her personality and her body. This is fairly important because people like those who are confident about themselves. She doesn’t need to post out an article to declare her advantages because she already knows it! Another thing, in the picture, she looks straight into the viewer’s eyes, and this makes her seem even more confident and self-assured. In flirting situations (as you all should know by now), making direct eye contact may make one seem bold, and this arouses people.

To put it in biological and evolutionary terms, we seek out those who are sexually attractive so that we can increase our likelihood to pass on our genes, as sexually attractive people imply an image of healthiness and well-being. Of course, this may be an oversimplification, and many may detest such an interpretation, but it should be wise to consider this as a possible explanation of our innate drives.

Nowadays, one can see sexual attractiveness being implemented in many advertisements and commercials. Why? Because in some cases (not all, as some studies suggested), it works! We see pictures of women being placed in fashion magazines (Vogue, Vanity), male magazines (Playboy, Maxim), car commercials, alcohol & cigarette advertisements, and even gaming ads. This seems dehumanizing and degrading towards women (as many feminists pointed out), but it is still prevalent. As many behaviorists like to point out, this may be because we seek out pleasurable stimulus simply because it rewards us, be it physiologically or psychologically, even though we might regard it with distaste and disgust.

Deadly like a snake

sexy like a tuna? Wait Wait Wait

This essay is especially targeted to males, as sexual attraction towards female will be a whole other story. This is longer than I expected, but I hope that my explanations clarify the issue. And I hope this will be a knowledgeable and entertaining read. There is nothing wrong with feeling a sexual attraction towards a sexually attractive other, as this is what makes us human.

Once again, like our video and share it out to support us, we deeply appreciate it. Please look forward to our next video

Ciao! J

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