Happy 2nd Anniversary – Look Back 2015

Today, 11 Jan 2016 is the 2nd anniversary of MY Psychology! Happy birthday to MY Psychology! Thank you so much for your support and journeying with us in these two years! Let’s take a look back to 2015 and see what we have achieved so far 🙂

#1  Official Website:


Finally, finally and finally. MY Psychology has a home to stay online! We launched our website on Jan 11 2015 and we just revamped our website for 2nd year anniversary. Go and check this out! www.mypsychologychannel.com and remember to subscribe us for latest update

#2  Giving Makes You Happy:

“Giving Makes You Happy” is the first event organized by MY Psychology to raise fund for investing a microphone in our video production, at the same time, in the hope of spreading happiness by giving free coffee to others.


In this event, we sold one cup of coffee at RM3 and you would get another one for FREE! (which means that you get 2 cups of coffee at RM3 ) Our customers were allowed to decorate the cups with the provided colouring materials before giving the free coffee to others, eg: writing thank you words / drawing cartoons. We gained huge support from our friends, lecturers, staffs and even strangers from companies outside in this event. Big thanks to you all!

#3  The Fault In Our Aggression

Along with the release of “The Fault in Our Stars”, we decided to make our own version to discuss about few tips of calming someone from behaving aggressively. Hope you enjoy! 😉

#4 Interview with Dr Robert Neimeyer

It is our great pleasure to interview Dr Robert Neimeyer in our video to talk about grief and loss. Dr Robert Neimeyer is working as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Memphis, where he also maintains an active clinical practice. As an author of 22 books including Meaning Reconstruction and the Experience of Loss, he maintains an active clinical practice and serves as Editor of the journal Death Studies. He works extensively with loss, grief and bereavement and he always said, “I find ways to help people put their lives back together after a tragedy.”

#5 TOP 6 Benefits of Playing DOTA 2 that You Never Know

Together with the happening THE INTERNATIONAL 5 (DOTA 2 World Championship), we (most of our team members are DOTA FANS) decided to make a video talking about COGNITIVE BENEFITS of Playing DOTA 2. The response were generally good and some of the social media pages actually shared this video for their fans for the love of DOTA 2. #dotaforlife

#6  Facebook page gained 1000 likes

Adapted from http://static.wixstatic.com

On July 21 2014, we gained 1000 LIKES on our Facebook page. Heartfelt appreciation from our team! We will keep sharing more and more Psychology articles and videos for you! LIKE & Follow for the latest updates!

#7  Youtube Channel reached 1000 subscribers


Another milestone achieved on 29 Aug 2014! Our Youtube channel which was started in 2014 with the release of “Psychology of Waiting” finally gained 1000 subscribers! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

Our first video “Psychology of Waiting”

#8 Home Tour Video

Upon completion of our degree studies, we finally came to a time that we need to move out from the condominium that we had rented for two and half years. We shot this video to say goodbye to our second homes which was also the previous home base of MY Psychology. Every scene in this video will be kept in our memories because that is the place that records every moment we live with MY Psychology.

#9 Christmas Video

Our first trial of making Christmas Video to introduce Santaphobia which is commonly experienced by children.

Glen (brother to Gary “director of MY Psychology”) was invited to act in this film. His first appearance in MY Psychology’s video is “Bro & I” which talks about sibling relationship.

#10 Partnership

Untitled-1 11150441_917494708290489_7701023915769147258_n 11822316_385077408369411_7791557715667792292_n

We have partnered with Lighthouse Psychological Wellbeing CentreSG PSYCH STUFF and Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer in 2016. We are working together to create a largeASEAN region of Psychology information-sharing site for general public, Psychology students, lecturers, professionals and practitioners. Stay tuned for our upcoming projects!

Thank you so much for your support and we are looking forward for another awesome year 2016! 

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