Der Schwertkampfer (The Swordsman)

To choose between one or the other, between good and evil,
Requires choice.
And to have the ability to choose and make a choice,
Requires freedom.
But freedom comes with a price,
Because with freedom, comes power.
And power corrupts.
As there are no clear distinctions between good evil,
Only shades of grey.

To admire freedom, one has to have no preconceptions of civilization.
It is precisely when there are no rules, that we can have true freedom.

Original Thriller Music Soundtrack
Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn
The Prestige – Scariest Music Ever
Grudge sound –
Heartbeat sound –
Johan Johansson – Prisoners OST Through Falling Snow
GRAVITY Soundtrack – Extreme Suspense – 20-34 (2014 Academy Award Winner for Best Original Score)
Carter Burwell-Blood Trails (No Country for Old Men end credits theme)

These musics aren’t owned by MY Psychology, all music copyrights belong to the respective owner.

*Produced by a group of Psychology Students for PSY 317 film assignment*



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