Bro and I

Published on Aug 22, 2014

Hey guys, it’s our pleasure to have my youngest and only brother to join our latest video “Bro & I”. It has been 8 years to see him growing up slowly, proceeding from stages to stages, from a wrapped-up baby to a talkative brother. Honestly, it’s not easy to communicate with a sibling who has 13 years apart with me and our relationship works in a very different way if compared to other siblings at similar ages. Sometimes, people will think that I am his father (damn sad,man, am I look that old), this conception might be derived from the way I treat him and the style I talk to him… Anyway, I have a lot of funny experiences that I wish to share with you guys, perhaps I will write a post in our blog (stay tuned). I hope this video can illustrate some of the moments which might occur in a sibling relationships with a large age gap… I promise that the scenes that you can see in this video is what exactly happens between us (A slight difference is expected with the addition of entertainment)… If you have any ideas or you want to share with us about your thoughts or experience, do comment in the section below. Lastly, hope you enjoy this video, have a nice weekend.

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